Nonmonogamy: Sexual Swinging

Swinging, or partner-swapping as some call it, is a lot more common than the mainsteam probably realizes. It can be a lifestyle, or it can happen periodically at parties or clubs. Typically, it means that both partners in a relationship can be sexual with other partners at the same time, usually another couple or couples, but sometimes individuals. For some, it feels like a natural, easy choice. For others, it can be quite tricky to navigate.

Therapy for swingers can be helpful in all sort of situations:

  • You and your partner have already started swinging, and want help doing it in the healthiest way possible
  • One of you is feeling confused, jealous, or hurt
  • You need help being honest about your feelings
  • You both would like ongoing help navigating the process

I can help you with this, and welcome your call or email.

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