Couples Sex Therapy

So you really like your partner. Things are going fine. But there's just one problem -- the sex. Maybe one of you wants it more, or less, or differently. Maybe one or both of you have issues around your own or each other's sexual preferences or behaviors that you'd like to bring out into the open and resolve. Maybe you're already pretty good at it together, but want to learn how to be better, how to make it hotter and more erotic. Maybe you want to introduce something (or someone) new to the mix. Or maybe one (or both) of you is having difficulty with libido or arousal, and want to light your pilot light.

All of these are great reasons to see a sex therapist as a couple. I can help you communicate about sex better, feel better about the sex you have, and make those mutually agreed upon improvements.

If that seems appealing to you, contact me to talk or set up an appointment. I'm here to help.

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