Premarital Counseling / Sex Issues

When you and your partner are getting ready to tie the knot in your own particular way, you may discover that there are some unresolved things between you that you'd like to get cleared up first. Maybe you'd like to get to know each other even better before going further, and need help getting there. Maybe it's about who should do which chores or what should happen with the toothpaste cap. Or maybe it's about something deeper or harder to talk about, like untold secrets or sexual challenges.

As difficult as it can be to bring these things up, airing these issues out before your commitment ceremony or wedding is probably a good idea.

Pre-marital or pre-commitment counseling can be a very valuable part of this process. I will be in the room (or Zoom) with you to help you open up with each other, go deeper, keep you on track, and find tools and solutions for any problems, so that when you finally commit to each other, you're emotionally healthier and more ready for the long term.

If you're ready to do some of this work, contact me to set up an appointment.

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